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Cat Eyes have been around a long time as a dramatic and beautiful look dating back to as long as the pyramids and Cleopatra still to this day known for her beauty. Its been around for such a long time its a classic look but yet allures millions in the current trend who still are trying to figure out how and if to apply them.


A iconic look mastered by all of the famous names in beauty, fashion and film from Brigitte Bardot to Sophia Lorén – Cat Eyes are as classical as they are modern.

Don’t be afraid to play around – cat eyes are actually easy to master once you know how and there are many different ways and shapes so everyone can find their perfect match. You can apply them with a brush or pen, with cake eyeliner or liquid eyeliner for different wet/dry effect (wet is more dramatic) – start with what’s easiest for you and later switch when you feel confident in the shape.


Cat Eyes in different length and shapes – Angelina Jolie often applies a beautiful classic cat eye while Nicole Richie in this photo has opted for a bold full cat eye for dramatic effect.

Now how should you apply them? Follow our simple tutorial below step by step and if you have time – come by and let us help you! A good tip before you start is to tilt your chin up while looking down while you apply and check frequently that you are applying symmetrically. Use a Q-tip to clean up if necessary and move the brush upwards for your desired shape.


Don’t be afraid to change the shape and length – cat eyes are really trendy this fall good luck!